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ISTQB® software testing certifications exceed 300,000 worldwide

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) is proud to announce that, as of June 2013, it has issued more than 300,000 software testing certifications world-wide. These span the entire suite of certifications, comprising the Foundation Level and the three Advanced Level modules: Test Manager, Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst. “We are delighted with this […]

Harry Sneed wins prestigious Software Testing Award

International software testing expert, Mr Harry Sneed, has been announced as the winner of the prestigious ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award for 2013. Mr Sneed was chosen from dozens of applicants by a panel of distinguished testing professionals from the USA, Europe, India, Israel, South Africa and Australia. Originally from Mississippi in the USA, […]

The CSTB welcomes National Bank to its Partner Program

The Canadian Software Testing Board (CSTB) welcomes the National Bank to its ISTQB®  Silver Partner Program in Canada. The ISTQB® Partner Program recognises National Bank for its demonstrated commitment to software testing certifications in Canada. “National Bank is extremely proud to see that our software testing skills are recognized according to international standards. Our mission is to oversee the stability and reliability of our IT […]

ISTQB® Advanced Level Smartshow

An introduction to ISTQB! [big-button link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrK1zhqyW4k&feature=youtu.be” color=”green”]View Video…[/big-button]

ISTQB User Group Meeting

Session Overview Testing in Agile Team Environment As a QA professional, I have worked in both traditional and Agile development team with a QA background. I understand my new responsibilities to deliver value to the customer sooner and with high quality and less difficulty. The core principle of the Agile team is to build quality […]

Chris Carter from Australia is the new president of ISTQB®!

ISTQB®, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, has chosen Mr. Chris Carter, founder of Planit Australia and a respected figure in software testing internationally, to be its new elected president for 2013-2014. Representatives from over 40 national testing boards cooperate in ISTQB® to set the global standard for the training and certification of software testers […]

2000 software testers are now certified by the CSTB in Canada

The Canadian Software Testing Board (CSTB), a leader in software testing certification in Canada, is excited to announce that it has certified its 2000th software tester in Canada, including Certified Tester Foundational Level (CTFL), Certified Tester Advanced Level- Technical Test Analyst (CTAL-TTA), Certified Tester Advanced Level- Test Analyst (CTAL-TA) and Certified Tester Advanced Level- Test […]


Mark your calendars The Software Testing Analysis & Review Canada (STARCANADA) conference is coming to Toronto April 7- 11, 2013! You’ll want to attend this premier software testing conference that brings you the most up-to-date information, tools, and technologies available in the industry today. For more information.

We want YOU to Speak at STARCANADA 2013

Great news, speaker proposal submissions for the inaugural STARCANADA conference are now being accepted through August 6, 2012. I invite you to submit a presentation proposal based on your experience and insight into software testing – the testing community wants to hear your story! Of particular interest are case studies, success stories, innovations, and practical […]