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A Message from the President

A Message from Gary Mogyorodi, President, CSTB   Since our inception in January, 2007, we have: created the CSTB Not-For-Profit Corporation created the CSTB Constitution selected Becker Associates. Ltd. to manage our day to day activities arranged for exams to be available in English and French in Canada developed the CSTB website certified more than […]

Interview with Cees Artz

The CSTB would like to acknowledge the very first individual to complete all four levels of the Canadian Software Testing Board Certification, Cees Artz. We had an opportunity to interview Mr. Artz and discover a bit more about him, his experience with CSTB, and the field of software testing. Please meet our very first Advanced […]

New President of the ISTQB

ISTQB, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, has chosen Mr. Yaron Tsubery, Director of QA & Testing Manager at Comverse, Israel to be its new elected president for 2009-2010. See attached press release from ISTQB

Change to Advance Level Exams

In late March 2009, the ISTQB announced a change to the Advanced Level Exams. To coincide with this change, effective April 8, 2008, all Canadian Software Testing Board Advanced Level exams are 3 hours long, made up of 65 questions, and require a passing mark of 65%. The CSTB has set the fee for this […]

“Testing”, and “Quality Assurance”

Every company has their own functional and organizational uses for the terms, “Testing”, and “Quality Assurance”. To be fair, the actions that are done are more important than what they are called. It is common for Testing activities to be subsets of a larger Quality Assurance Life Cycle. While Quality Assurance sets out the framework […]

100,000 Software Testing Professionals Now ISTQB Certified

For Immediate Release 24 October 2008 Media Contact: Rex Black, CTAL info@istqb.org +1 (830) 438-4830 100,000 Software Testing Professionals Now ISTQB Certified World’s Most Popular Software Testing Certification Reaches New Milestone BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (24 October 2008) – The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) announced that, through their National Boards and Exam Boards, they have […]

New Magazine for Professional Testers

Testing Experience is a high quality magazine for professional testers made by and issued for people involved in testing.  This magazine is free of charge and finances itself with adverts. Download a free PDF version, or subscribe to a paper version at www.testingexperience.com.