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What is the exam cancellation policy?

At times, examinees may have things come up in their lives and the exam that they register for may not work after all.

CSTB, as of June 1, 2008, has implemented a cancellation policy to protect CSTB and examinees when an exam is cancelled 14 days prior to exam date.

As October 20, 2019, exam voucher refunds will no longer be issued after 12 months from purchase.

In the event that an examinee chooses to cancel their exam date in less than the 14 days prior to the exam, the following will occur – $100.00 non refundable fee is taken.

  1. They have a choice to receive a refund for the remainder amount;
  2. They can keep the remainder amount on file and book another date

If examinee chooses to reschedule or cancel their exam before they are within this two week time frame, they will receive a full refund, or option to transfer to another exam with no penalty in registration costs.

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