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Frequently asked questions

What are test takers required to bring

Test takers are required to bring the following when taking an exam at a Kryterion Test Centre: Two forms of identification: Government Issued photo ID with signature (Passport or Drivers License) Secondary ID (such as a major credit card or bank/Employee identification card) Test taker authorization code (provided electronically to them when registering for an […]


CTAL-TM is an Advanced Test Manager responsible managing a test effort. CTAL-TA is an Advanced Technical Analyst responsible for test case design, using black box test case design techniques. Focus is on functional testing and usability testing. CTAL-TTA is an Advanced Technical Test Analyst responsible for test automation, using black box and white box test […]

What is the exam cancellation policy?

At times, examinees may have things come up in their lives and the exam that they register for may not work after all. CSTB, as of June 1, 2008, has implemented a cancellation policy to protect CSTB and examinees when an exam is cancelled 14 days prior to exam date. As October 20, 2019, exam […]

Are all the courses offered identical?

Since the courses are given by a variety of training providers, the courses will vary. The course syllabus dictates the areas that must be covered in each course, but other details, such as the order of the material, are left to the training provider. The CSTB does not provide course material other than the syllabus […]

What is an ISTQB accredited training provider?

An ISTQB accredited training provider is someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in testing, and can provide additional insights into testing terminology and the syllabus content, to make it easier to attain the ISTQB certifications. To become an accredited training provider, an organization’s training material must be successfully accredited by an ISTQB national board […]

What is the cost of each training course?

The cost of training depends on the accredited training provider company you choose. Since all accredited training providers operate independently, their pricing will vary. Each individual pursuing the ISTQB certification should explore the accredited training providers to identify the best match for their needs.