I am an accredited training provider/organization – can I arrange an exam on site?

Yes, you can choose a paper or online exam for a group of candidates on site with an iSQI trained invigilator/proctor. The online exam from iSQI is known as SMEX (the advantage is candidates receive their result at the end of the exam).
To schedule an exam or for more information contact exam@iSQI.org.

iSQI requests 7 days notice for on site exams so that the invigilator/proctor can be confirmed. iSQI will ask you to confirm:

  • the location (you must have a room that will support delivery of exams with suitable spacing between candidates and with no distractions such as building works)
  • the date/time
  • the main contact
  • the candidate names and email addresses
  • if extra time is required by any candidate (according to the usual ISTQB rule of 25% for a non-native speaker for the exam language selected)

Online exam results will be given at the end of the exam. Paper exam results will take 7 business days.