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Frequently asked questions

Are all the courses offered identical?

Since the courses are given by a variety of training providers, the courses will vary. The course syllabus dictates the areas that must be covered in each course, but other details, such as the order of the material, are left to the training provider. The CSTB does not provide course material other than the syllabus […]

What is an ISTQB accredited training provider?

An ISTQB accredited training provider is someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in testing, and can provide additional insights into testing terminology and the syllabus content, to make it easier to attain the ISTQB certifications. To become an accredited training provider, an organization’s training material must be successfully accredited by an ISTQB national board […]

What is the cost of each training course?

The cost of training depends on the accredited training provider company you choose. Since all accredited training providers operate independently, their pricing will vary. Each individual pursuing the ISTQB certification should explore the accredited training providers to identify the best match for their needs.

Are the exams always the same?

The questions come from a pool of questions developed by the CSTB and are combined differently so that the exam itself changes periodically while the level of difficulty remains comparable. New questions are being developed continuously by the members of the CSTB.

What is the exam format?

The Foundation Level exam is a 60-minute multiple choice, closed-book exam. The 40 questions making up the exam are designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the entire Foundation syllabus. A grade of 65% must be attained in order to pass. The Advanced Level exams are composed of three sections. They correspond to […]

What does an ISTQB certificate tell me about the skills of a software tester?

The Foundation Level exam tests for knowledge, not skill. It provides information about the certificate holder’s level of familiarity with the most common concepts of software testing and the associated terminology. It does not require work experience. The Foundation Level exam is a stepping stone toward the Advanced Level, which is more in-depth and much […]

What is the ISTQB Certified Tester program?

The ISTQB Certified Tester program provides certification for software testers internationally. There are currently three levels of certification: the Foundation Level, the Advanced Level, and the Expert Level. For each level, international working parties develop and maintain internationally uniform syllabi, exam development procedures, and a Glossary of Terms. One of the core principles of the […]