What is the exam format?

The Foundation Level exam is a 60-minute multiple choice, closed-book exam. The 40 questions making up the exam are designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the entire Foundation syllabus. A grade of 65% must be attained in order to pass.

The Advanced Level exams are composed of three sections. They correspond to the three different subject areas: ‘Test Analyst,’ ‘Technical Test Analyst,’ and ‘Test Manager’.  Each exam is 3 hours in length. All three areas require a passing grade of 65% in order to receive the full Advanced Level certificate. However, exams for each subject area can be taken with successful candidates receiving a certificate identifying the section(s) that have been completed.

The Expert Level exams are a combination of multiple choice questions and essay questions. An Expert Level certificate is valid for 5 years.

Expert Level certification must be renewed every 5 years using one of the following two options:

  • Pass the Expert Level exam
  • Achieve 200 “Certification Extension Credits“ (CECs)

CECs may be achieved in a number of areas. For example:

  • Perform a professional testing activity
  • Take a relevant training course
  • Attend a testing conference
  • Present at a testing conference
  • Teach a relevant training course
  • Write a testing article or book
  • Actively participate in a Working Group (ISTQB® Member Boards, SIGIST, etc.)

Verifiable evidence of CEC related activity must be submitted to the certifier.

The Expert Level Certification Extension Program is published by the ISTQB.