ISTQB-Gold Partner

Steps to Become an ISTQB® Partner

  1. Determine if your organization has enough points (see Eligibility Grid) and which Partner level you are entitled
  2. Download the ISTQB® Partner Program Application/Renewal Form from the website
  3. Complete the form and email it to
  4. Once approval for the ISTQB® Partner Program is confirmed, the CSTB will issue an invoice to the Partner candidate
  5. Once payment is received, the CSTB issues the ISTQB® Partner Program certificate and announces the partnership on the CSTB website

Program Benefits

Find out in this section about the main benefits that ISTQB® Partner Program offers to its Partners and the local benefits.

Eligibility Grid

The Eligibility Grid will calculate your ISTQB® Partner Program level, based on the number of certifications in your organisation.

Program Rules

In this section you can find the information about how the program works, including: