100,000 Software Testing Professionals Now ISTQB Certified

For Immediate Release
24 October 2008

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Rex Black, CTAL
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100,000 Software Testing Professionals Now ISTQB Certified

World’s Most Popular Software Testing Certification Reaches New Milestone

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (24 October 2008) – The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) announced that, through their National Boards and Exam Boards, they have granted more than 100,000 certifications at the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) and ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level (CTAL).

“ISTQB software tester certification is by far the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software tester certification in the world,” said Rex Black, CTAL, president of ISTQB. “Reaching the 100,000 certification milestone validates ISTQB’s leadership in helping software testers to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and professionalism.”

ISTQB certification traces its origins to the UK, where industry demand led to its development. “Software testing is critical to the reliable functioning of the world’s software systems. We realized that certification can help to improve the capability of those that test systems, while moving the profession forward,” explained Geoff Thompson of the UK Testing Board (UKTB).

The appeal of ISTQB software testing certification quickly led to its expansion. Horst Pohlmann of the German Testing Board (GTB) continued, “Companies tell us they choose ISTQB certification because it is practical, focusing on the software testing knowledge and skills their testers need every day.”

In recent years, ISTQB has become a global standard for software testing certification. Vinay Baid of the Indian Testing Board (ITB) explained, “ISTQB software testing certification is now essential to software testing in India. As is true throughout much of the world, many employers prefer to hire ISTQB certified software testers or have a program that encourages their software testers to obtain ISTQB certification.”

The rapid growth of ISTQB software testing certification can also be attributed to its not-for-profit nature. “Companies have found ISTQB certification to be credible because we freely offer the ISTQB certification syllabi and software testing glossary, and let you choose your own education,” said Patricia McQuaid, PhD, CTFL, president of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB).

This not-for-profit quality extends to ISTQB’s leadership. The organization is composed of representatives from national boards throughout the world, all of whom are volunteers. ISTQB decides on the standards for certification and the national boards develop and maintain the country-specific examinations.

“While we’re proud of our status as the leading global software testing certification, we won’t rest on our laurels,” said Black. “Companies look to ISTQB to help them deliver quality software, and software testers look to ISTQB to help them build their profession. ISTQB’s volunteer leadership is already developing the vision that will take software testing to a new level.”

For more information, contact ISTQB President Rex Black at info@istqb.org or visit ISTQB’s website at http://www.istqb.org/.

About ISTQB Software Tester Certification

The ISTQB Certified Tester program provides certification for software testers internationally. There are currently two levels of certification: The Foundation Level and three separate Advanced Level certificates. For both levels, international working parties develop and maintain internationally uniform curricula and exams. One of the core principles of the program is a strict separation between the administration of exams and the training to those who would like to prepare for the exam in ISTQB compliant courses.