Examination questions now prepared by CSTB

The Canadian Software Testing Board (CSTB), leader in software testing certification in Canada, has significantly expanded certification examinations throughout Canada. We are excited to announce that Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) questions are now prepared and compiled in Canada.

Foundational level exams are available in both English and French languages. Questions in English language are prepared by CSTB’s examination technical committee. They will be available during the next examination dates. The French language questions will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

CSTB will continue to offer certification exams at convenient public or private centers and also at employer’s premises if requested.

Canada is continuing to excel in software development. CSTB is committed to providing many different and convenient opportunities for participants to take certification exams. These certifications help the participants to test software in a systematic and consistent manner. In a recent survey by ASTQB, 92% of ISTQB certified software testers felt that certification helped them to demonstrate professional competency. An equal percentage also felt that certification aids in gaining professional recognition.

For more information about the CSTB and for the examination dates, please visit www.cstb.ca or email cstb@cstb.ca.

About the CSTB: The CSTB (Canadian Software Testing Board) is the Canadian national branch of the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). As such, it advocates education and examination as a practical means to excel in the software testing field. The CSTB is one of more than 40 national boards participating in the ISTQB. www.cstb.ca.

About the ISTQB: It is the ISTQB’s role to support a single, universally accepted, international certification scheme, aimed at software and system testing professionals, by providing the core syllabi and by setting guidelines for accreditation and examination for member boards. www.istqb.org