ISTQB® launches the Official ISTQB Glossary App

ISTQB® has published its Official Glossary app in Google Play Store. We would like to encourage everyone using an Android device, and are interested in testing, to install and use it on their mobile devices.

With this app, you can now use the popular features of the ISTQB® Glossary web app in your mobile devices (see comment below on iOS version). Whether at home, in your office, in a meeting or on travel – you will always have the current testing terminology in your hands. The Official ISTQB® Glossary app is always up-to-date. It is the only app that directly accesses the Official ISTQB® Glossary of Terms database.

Further unique features are:
• Information about which ISTQB® Syllabi are using a specific term, and whether the term is marked as a keyword (i.e., relevant for ISTQB® Certification exams);
• Search filters for terms and keywords used in a specific ISTQB® Syllabus, also very helpful in preparing for a specific ISTQB® Certification exam.

Currently, the Official ISTQB® Glossary app also includes translations from English to German and English to Norwegian. More translations are to come soon, under the responsibility of the respective ISTQB® National Testing Boards.

We hope you will enjoy our Official ISTQB® Glossary App for Android!