Thanking Gary Mogyorodi for his 13 years as President of the CSTB

The Canadian Software Testing Board (CSTB) would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Gary Mogyorodi who has stepped down from his role of President after 13 years. Gary has been invaluable to the CSTB since its inception in 2007. What Gary was able to accomplish with the Board over the years has been truly remarkable. From humble beginnings he worked tirelessly to create events and book exams across Canada, and even spent many hours marking the exams personally.  His persistence and drive to make the CSTB a household name in the tech industry in a short period of time proved to be a success with hundreds of companies and individual testers signing up to be certified with the Canadian Software Testing Board.

Gary’s guidance and perseverance has been a great asset to this organization and we are fortunate that he will still provide guidance to us in his ongoing role in the Technical Committee.
Further updates to the CSTB board will be shared in an upcoming announcement.

Thank you for everything Gary! We all wish you a happy and well-deserved retirement!