TMMi Releases New Professional Exam

TMMi is releasing its new Test Maturity Model Integration Professional (TMMI-P) exam.

The syllabus has been updated as the TMMi® model framework version 1.3 has been released with new features including:

  • Scope section added on TMMi® and Agile & DevOps
  • Alignment with the terminology and practice areas of CMMI V2
  • Alignment with the ISTQB® glossary of testing terms
  • Example of documents updated to align with ISO 29119-3
  • Updated to align with the latest international (ISO) standards, e.g., ISO 25010 for non-functional testing. Version 1.3 does not include any structural changes or changes to the process areas, goals, and practices.

This exam is available through ISQi, in partnership with CSTB.