Why Certification

Time and money are precious commodities that no company can afford to waste. One expensive and critical part of your team’s responsibilities is Software Testing. Software Testing is one area where it can be truly said that time and money spent up front reaps benefits for the rest of the project.

Are you sure that your Testers are doing their job as effectively and efficiently as possible? Are you sure that the critical defects are caught and managed early and thoroughly? Are you sure that your Testers are giving you the most benefit for your dollar?

Here’s one way to be sure! Get them Certified!

The Canadian Software Testing Board (CSTB) is the Canadian national branch of the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). As such, it advocates education and examination as a practical means to excel in the software testing field. Testers certified in the ISTQB body of knowledge are able to substantially contribute to the overall success of your company. To date we have certified 500 software testers in Canada.

The ISTQB Certified Tester program provides two levels of certification: The Foundation Level and the Advanced Level certificates. While the Foundation Level exam tests for basic knowledge, the three Advanced Level exams (Test Manager, Technical Tester, Functional Tester) are focused on verifying knowledge and skill in these more demanding areas of Software Testing.

It has been my experience that Testers who have attained certification from the CSTB are more confident and better able to perform their Software Testing responsibilities more effectively and efficiently. Check out the current list of scheduled examinations, and get your testers Certified!