BMM Testlabs Announces Global Partner Status with ISTQB

The Canadian Software Testing Board is pleased to announce that BMM Testlabs, has achieved Global Partner status with ISTQB®, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.
ISTQB® Global Partner status demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the field of Software Testing and its willingness to contribute to the promotion of the testing profession all over the world, by means of certifying people in accordance to the“ISTQB® Certified Tester” path within the ISTQB® Portfolio.
The ISTQB® Global Partnership requires that an international organization has at least three legal entities, in different countries, holding ISTQB® Gold or Platinum Partnership status. BMM qualifies with:
  • BMM Testlabs Australia Gold Partner
  • BMM Testlabs North America Gold Partner
  • BMM Testlabs Canada Platinum Partner
Travis Foley, EVP Operations, BMM Testlabs – Americas commented, “As BMM continues to implement the ISTQB® certification program across its 13 global locations, every one of the company’s software engineers is committed to achieving the ISTQB® certification. The benefits to the test lab, and the industry at large, are clear: Independently recognized, world class, qualified testers result in improved quality of testing, increased product time to market, decreased revocations, and importantly, more quality playing time for the patrons and game players”

“We are very proud to have BMM Testlabs as a Global Partner in the ISTQB® Partner Program. Gaming has become one of the most important industries of the Digital era and ISTQB® is getting more involved in that domain and is considering investing in syllabi and exams specifically dedicated to this domain.” stated Gualtiero Bazzana, ISTQB® President.

About BMM Testlabs
BMM is the longest established and most experienced private independent gaming certification lab in the world, providing professional technical and regulatory compliance services to the gaming industry since 1981. At its core, BMM is a systems expert company that has provided consulting for and tested many of the largest gaming networks and systems over the last 30 years. In addition BMM has been successfully testing and certifying the full scope of Class III casino products for over two decades. For more information visit: