Chris Carter from Australia is the new president of ISTQB®!

ISTQB®, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, has chosen Mr. Chris Carter, founder of Planit Australia and a respected figure in software testing internationally, to be its new elected president for 2013-2014.

Representatives from over 40 national testing boards cooperate in ISTQB® to set the global standard for the training and certification of software testers worldwide. More than 280,000 professional have already been certified according to the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation and Advanced Level standard.

The general assembly meeting of ISTQB® was held in Toronto, Canada on Friday 12th of April 2013. During this meeting elections for the new Executive Board for ISTQB® were conducted.

As a Board Member of the ISTQB® and ANZTB, Chris Carter has been a major driver in advancing the Australian and New Zealand testing. More in ISTQB® elections: The former President Mr. Yaron Tzubery from the Israeli Testing Board was elected as Vice President. Mitko Mitev from the South East European Testing Board (SEETB) was re-elected as Treasurer and Eric RIOU du COSQUER, from the French Testing Board was re-elected as Secretary.

The ISTQB® General Assembly thanks Mr. Yaron Tsubery for his work and wishes the new ISTQB® President Chris Carter and other Executives good luck in the next two years of their terms.