Harry Sneed wins prestigious Software Testing Award

International software testing expert, Mr Harry Sneed, has been announced as the winner of the prestigious ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award for 2013.

Mr Sneed was chosen from dozens of applicants by a panel of distinguished testing professionals from the USA, Europe, India, Israel, South Africa and Australia.

Originally from Mississippi in the USA, Mr Sneed began his career as an analyst/programmer with the US navy. He soon became fascinated by software quality issues and started running public seminars on software testing.

Since that time Mr Sneed has been active in the testing domain, both in industrial projects and in university co-operations in various countries, including: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, etc.

He has contributed hundreds of technical articles to journals, written more than a dozen books and developed a range of software testing tools, becoming acknowledged as a software test technology pioneer.

“The calibre of applications this year was exceptional,” said ISTQB® President Chris Carter. “In selecting the winner the panel looked at criteria including increasing public awareness of the importance of software testing and contributing research findings. These are areas in which Mr Sneed has excelled”.

Apart from working in software testing, Mr Sneed has been engaged as a conference chair, teacher, and lecturer at a range of educational institutions across Europe.

“We are proud to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Mr Sneed,” said ISTQB® Marketing Working Group Chair Gualtiero Bazzana. “This award is open to anyone and is intended to support the work of all those who strive to further develop our profession, which seeks to ensure the safety and accuracy of the technologies on which the global population depends”.

Previous high-profile award recipients have included Dorothy Graham and Boris Beizer.


The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) is a non-profit organisation, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, which exists to advance the software testing profession through training and certification. It is supported in its mission by 46 national testing boards, representing 70 countries.