Increasing productivity of SW projects ISTQB® certification can help!

Software engineering and software project management are complex activities. Both software development and software management have dozens of methodologies and scores of tools available that are beneficial. In addition, there are quite a few methods and practices that have been shown to be harmful.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness or harm of various methods and practices Capers Jones has developed a scoring method. The data for the scoring comes from observations among about 150 Fortune 500 companies, some 400 smaller companies, and 30 government organizations. Negative scores also include data from 15 lawsuits. The rankings are based on about 20,000 projects that span 50 industries and 24 countries. The analysis is based on the author’s book Software Engineering Best Practices published by McGraw Hill in 2010. Some new data is taken from The Economics of Software Quality published by Addison Wesley in 2012. This version is current through mid-2014.

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