Introducing Survey for ISTQB(R) Core Advanced Certifications

The ISTQB® Advanced Level Working Group (ALWG), has been discussing necessary requirements for Core Advanced Certifications Updates. As presented to the General Assembly in Lima, it has been agreed though that there are several parameters that need more input from our members, partners and community before changes are decided.

As we greatly respect your opinion in the industry and the ISTQB® ecosystem, we want to include you in the dialogue for the future of Core Advanced Certifications.

ISTQB® has commissioned a survey in order to bring a wider perspective from the various stakeholders and non-stakeholders of the ISTQB® scheme for the necessary modifications of Core Advanced Certifications. This email is to introduce Pierpont Communications, a U.S. marketing agency that has been commissioned and will be working with ISTQB® to conduct the survey.

You are exclusively invited to participate in the survey to share your thoughts, insight, and opinions about Core Advanced. The survey will be sent by Pierpont’s Sylvester Palacios ( the week of September 25th, 2017, and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. On behalf of ISTQB®, we ask that you please provide the full and timely support with your vital input that is needed for Core Advance’s next generation and evolvement, so we will be able to review the results at the coming ISTQB® meeting on October 24th.

We sincerely value your time and investment in our growth, likewise, we are invested in the growth and success of our members, partners, collaborators, and testers worldwide. We look forward to garnering your wisdom and insight.