ISTQB® announces Successful Candidate Register to launch in 2017

ISTQB®  is  pleased  to  announce  that  a  new  central  register  of  successful  candidates  will  be  available  on  the  ISTQB®  website  from  June  2017.  The  Successful  Candidate  Register  will  list  individuals who pass an ISTQB® certification examination (at all levels and across all modules) and  who have given their consent to be included.  

Gualtiero  Bazzana,  ISTQB®  President  says  “ISTQB®  provides  the  world’s  leading  certification scheme for software testing professionals; recognizing success is important and we are delighted  that we will have a central register that acknowledges the achievement of individuals around the  globe”.

“We  are  extremely  pleased  to  include  this  service  within  ISTQB®  and  hope  it  will  support  individuals and employers with a resource that offers objective evidence of certificate validity”,  said Alon Linetzki, ISTQB® Marketing Chair.

ISTQB® Member Boards and Exam Providers are aiming to begin data collection from 1st January  2017 in readiness for the launch in June 2017 (please contact your local Member Board or Exam  Provider for more information as the date when data collection will commence may vary). If you  already hold an ISTQB® Certification you will not be automatically included on the register and  should contact the authority who issued the original certificate for further information regarding  how and when you could be added.