ISTQB® Issues Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report 2015-2016

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board, the most popular software testing certification authority in the world, released the results of a test practices survey carried out at world-wide level. The survey, with more than 3200 respondents from 89 countries, can be considered the largest in the world in the software testing domain.

The survey covers several topics, ranging from organizational and budgetary aspects, to techniques/ processes/ tools, through to skills and competencies within software testing. We believe it provides useful information for all professionals involved in the testing market, as well as direction for further evolution of the ISTQB® scheme.

Some highlights of the survey are listed below:
  • Budgets assigned to testing are large and keep on growing
  • Agile based SDLCs are being adopted ahead of traditional ones
  • Segregation of duties has become a standard practice from an organizational point of view
  • Training and certification of competences are key factors in improving test skills
  • Test automation has become very widespread in the market
  • Performance, usability and security tests are gaining traction

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ISTQB® facts & figures:

As of December 2015 ISTQB® has:

  • Administered more than 600,000 exams, and
  • Issued more than 440,000 certificates,
  • In over 100 countries worldwide.

Growth of certifications continues:

  • 2015 has been the best year ever in terms of exams and certificates
  • Growth has been in excess of 11%
  • The Agile Tester certification has been successfully adopted world(wide
  • Core  Advanced  Level  certifications  have  exhibited  a  very  robust trend,  with  about  10,000  exams  administered in 2015
  • Expert Level continues to expand
  • Growth has been experienced world(wide, with 25 Member Boards achieving a growth of 25% or more wrt previous year