ISTQB® Model-Based Tester certification

Model-based testing is an innovative test approach to improve effectivity and efficiency of the test process. A model-based tester on a project uses models to drive test analysis and design, and keeps advantage of the models for other testing activities such as test implementation and reporting. ISTQB® Model-Based Tester certification complements the core foundation level as a specialist module. It provides a practical and easy entry to the MBT approach. Model-Based Testing Foundation Extension Syllabus will be published on this year. Stay tuned and follow our news on

Benefits for professionals

Collaborate in a model-based testing team using standard terminology and established MBT concepts, processes and techniques.

Problem: Since MBT was born, many terminology were created and used which lead to inefficient discussion about what MBT really is, before any productive realization could start.

Solution: The ISTQB® certifications deliver a de facto standard for general testing terminology and integrated to that the terminology for model-based testing. This will make it much easier for users to start with MBT based on a common language within their organization.