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Session Overview: High Performance Agile Testing in Software Development
Date/ Time: Monday, June 29th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
Venue:  215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, M5T 2C7, ON

As many organizations are adapting to agile software development, yet they do not adopt agile testing processes. Each sprint may be treated as mini waterfall cycle, thereby bringing testers only after code is ready for testing.

Agile testing is a relatively new approach to software testing that follows the principles of agile software development as outlined in the Agile Manifesto.

A tester in an agile project will work differently than one working on a traditional project. Testers must understand the values and principles that underpin agile projects, and how testers are an integral part of a whole-team approach together with developers and business representatives.

Who should attend?
As software development organisations are adapting to agile software development approach from the traditional approach, it has become very important for software testers to understand the agile principles and manifestos.

This presentation is designed for new or seasoned software testers and developers wishing to accustom the agile software development approach to deliver high quality product within short sprint cycle.
This presentation is also designed for testers in agile software development who are wishing to be certified as the ISTQB’s Certified Tester Foundation Level- Agile Tester.

Speaker Biography:
Sammy Kolluru brings rich experience in Agile Software Testing and Quality Assurance with proven track record of leadership and commitment to delivering quality software with his unique perspective; effectiveness, efficiency, measurement, visibility. Sammy Kolluru

Sammy is the member of the Executive Board of Directors at the Canadian Software Testing Board ( CSTB) and the member of the Agile Working Group Committee at the International Software Testing and Qualifications Board ( ISTQB). Sammy was also the ISTQB’s internal reviewer for the Certified Tester Foundation Level – Agile Tester syllabus (CTFL-AT).